The Cover Up

With the sudden death of a cabinet minister in a road accident,the government is forced to make changes to the current law.But is this Cover Up nature of the government fruitful.According to the new law if a person is found disobeying the red light thrice he may lose his license for a span of six months.But is this change effective without correcting the defects from the grass root level.Everyone is aware of the state of Regional Transport Offices in India.You can get your licence easily by bribing the officers with a mere amount.But is that amount enough to let a amateur rider rule the road with many lives at stake. Isn’t it necessary for the government to bring forth a law that nullifies this bribing in RTO offices.But that would have taken time and the government had to bring something to Cover Up the anger of the masses.Is the law even worth introducing is another big question.How many times do we find a traffic policemen checking for licence and with a handful of checkpoints the traffic police may never even catch the culprit.He may spend the next six months without a sweat.And even if he is caught the tradition way of getting away (bribing) always proves to be handy.

So the only remedy for this problem is that the government has to leave this Cover Up nature and look to make laws that are far sighted and effectively look to implement it.

Art of Reading

art of reading pic

Happy are the people who develop the habit of reading when they are young.They have secured a life- long source of pleasure,instruction and inspiration.As long as they are with their beloved books they will never feel  lonely.They always have a pleasant occupation of leisure moments.They are the professor of wealth more precious than gold or rather which cannot be measured materialistically.Ruskin Bond calls books-“Kings Treasures”-treasuries filled,not with silver and precious stones,but with riches more valuable than these i.e. knowledge ,noble thoughts and high ideals .Those who does not read are empty and narrow minded.

The effect which the reading habit confers on its possessor are many provided we choose the right kind of books,reading gives the highest kind of pleasure.Some books we read simply for pleasure and amusement-good novels.Certainly Novels and books of imagination must have their place  in one’s shelf but it must not outnumber the books that provide food to the brain i.e. biographies,philosophy,religion,travel or science.When we are weary with serious study ,it’s a healthy recreation to indulge ourselves in some enduring story written by some master hand.

But to read nothing but books of fiction is like eating nothing but cakes and sweetmeats.As we need plain,wholesome food for the body,so we must have some serious reading for our mind too.Developing a taste for reading good books not only gives us pleasure but also enriches us with education.Nor should poetry be neglected,for the best poetry gives us noble thoughts and healthy imaginations clothed in lovely and musical language.

Ultimately books are most faithful of friends.Our friends may change or die but our books are always waiting patiently to talk to us.They are never cross,peevish,selfish or unwilling to converse,as humans are.No wonder a person falls in love with reading and becomes a book-lover.

                           “Books give a soul to the universe,

                                          Wings to the mind,

                             Flight to the imagination and

                                           Life to everything…!!!”

It’s never too …

It’s never too late to start a good habit

Midday meal crisis in India


The mid day meal massacre that happened in Bihar shows the current state of the so called’wise way’to attract more children to school.The fact that 23 children died made the news a hot topic for politics.But what about those who die daily without coming into limelight.Many lives that still went unnoticed.And this isn’t going to stop here.The most irritating thing about the indian government is that such schemes are always made in haste without knowing much about the cons and pros.Most importantly no committee is formed that can do the quality check.Thousand of crores are spent on such programs then why cant they spend a little money for quality check?